Sea blue Silicon case man-woman / iPhone XR

by 25plus5
  • This liquid silicone iPhone case,precisely fit with your iPhone,the inner microfiber cushion frees any abrasion that may occur by hugging every corner,protect your iPhone gently. The iPhone soft case still has a slightly raised lip around the screen to help protect the iPhone screen.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN FOR CAMERA: The iPhone silicone case has a 0.5 mm protrusion on the edge of the camera,the camera lens does not protrude out of the back of the iPhone rubber case, So you don't have to worry about laying the phone on the camera glass and scratching it. The opening is also slightly concave, the camera doesn't pick up on the edge.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING :This iPhone gel case is suitable for wireless charging for iPhone,When wireless charging the iPhone , you don't need to remove the case.This liquid silicone case, whose material is the same with Apple cases.The exterior layer features a soft-touch grip which feels great in hands and non-slip.
  • EASY TO CLEAN : Most of the stains on the case can be easily wiped with a damp cloth.It always keeps dry and clean,keep your iPhone case always in clean status.

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